JBrisk aka Shitty B. grew up in small town Oklahoma. He has always had a love for all types of music. Starting out with his first guitar in the late 80's and early 90’s, learning Metallica, Megadeath, and NIN riffs, and listening to every new piece of music he could get his hands on. Moving back and forth between small town and big city, he amassed a huge knowledge of musical genres.   In 97, He got his first taste of Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, and what it meant to be a Dj/Producer, and never looked back. Selling his first vehicle to buy a set of Technic 1200’s(he still has to this day). Dropping out of college, to learn everything about Djing, eventually to go to a local recording/tech school, in early 2000. Producing under the monikers Shitty B, Cabe, and JBrisk. He has watched the industry go through several different cycles of recording mediums, from analog to digital, to a combination of the two. He has setup live shows, run FOH, and monitor mixes. Currently Producing, Remixing, and Djing all genres of Breaks, under the moniker JBrisk. 

J Brisk
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Released 2015
Format MP3
Label NeedleGruv
Genre Breaks